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Classes with lots of Tips and Tricks 

The Palette Knife Lady -

Fun with a palette knife and some paint

A mixed media painting on watercolor paper

This is a little mini class for anyone that wants to practice creating faces and portraits with different media.

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Front Lady -

A Whimsical Face 

This Tutorial is perfect for You as a Novice-To-Intermediate.

You do not have to be able to draw in advance. We use easy and simple steps to create your own piece of art that will hopefully inspire you to continue to create on your own.

More info at 24-7-FlexShop:  The Lady In Front



Cake Lady - mindart.dkCake Lady painted on the lid from a pie box

This class is quick and easy with minimal supplies. It does not have to be expensiv to create a painting. All you need is a pie box some paint and bruches and you are ready to go.

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Two Children -

Two Children - pulled art on paper

This Tutorial is perfect for you who wants to create pulled art and intuitive paintings. 

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Angels Kids -

Angels Kids on sand canvas

Another pulled art painting. You can follow along and paint the two guys after my template or you can use what emerge from your canvas. After all it is just paint, and when you got the techniques it is easy to make the painting your own.

More info at 24-7-FlexShop:  Angels Kids