The Palette Knife Lady

Fun with a palette knife and some paint

Welcome - mindart.dkA mixed media painting on watercolor paper

This is a little mini class for anyone that wants to practice creating faces and portraits with different media.

I am creating the face upon a prepared background, where I have used some left over paint from another project. I wiped it of on the paper and left it to dry. I often do that and that is why I always have a base for my paintings.

This project is painted with a palette knife and some acrylic paint. It is fun to paint and easily done.

You will find the password for your single user licens to the videos in the pdf-file, you received, when you bought this class.

I hope you enjoy the video, and you are always welcome to comment or ask questions.

And that's it - Have fun :)


Ps. If you want to know a little about me, you can go to this link, and watch a video I made for Soul Food in 2015.






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