29 faces challenge in february 2015

29 faces

- A challenge that rejoices your creative inner child

The entire February, I will be drawing or painting a portrait every day for the next 28 days,
and 1 extra for the fun of it.

It will be quite a challenge and certainly instructive and inspiring.


You too can participate if you want to challenge yourself and your creative abilities.

Of course this requires that you have some time for that, as you can quickly forget time and place, once you have started.


It is at least what tends to happen for me. Before I even notice, I have been painting for one or two hours.

But the same amount of time can also quickly be gone by watching some TV show (yes and sometimes more than two or three hours)

and that is in no way able to provide the same inner joy and pleasure.


I look forward to play with some of all the art supplies, I haven't been playing with yet, and to experiment with some new techniques.

It will be so much fun, and I will enjoy every moment of the challenge.

Please do come and join us, spending some quality time with your self - it is free of charge by the way


Link for the blog with the challenge: http://29faces.blogspot.com/

Group page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/29faces



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