Soul Food 2015 in English

- And a sneak peak from my lesson

Sneak Peak Soul Food 2015 - fleksiba.dkIt took a while, and also more than I had expected, to make my contribution ready for Soul Food 2015.

The first time I made the contribution, I forgot to keep the painting in the camera's eye, because at the time I had not figured out how to turn the flap on the camcorder. I could only see what I was doing, if I stood on a chair behind the table, so I could get on top of the camera. It was not convenient, but as the blonde, I also can be, it was my approach to the process, and indeed it was creative in its own way, if I can say so myself.


Fortunately I suddenly discovered that I could turn the flip screen. Oh what a glorious day. I celebrated it in the best possible way to dance around in my studio in a form of triumph. No one in my family could quite understand the enthusiasm I showed about such a simple thing. But if you have as I did, video recorded on the other little boondoggle way for a long time, you can probably easy familiarize yourself with my joy and enthusiasm.

Additionally Michael (my husband) fixed a remote for me. None of my eyes were dry. Eureka, I was happy. It has been a breeze to video record since. My only remaining problem in this context, is to remember to turn the record button.
Now I only wait for Michael to install a pressure-sensitive switch in my chair or something ...


Nevertheless, and despite all that, I managed to made a nice little tutorial, with narration in English and all for Soulfood 2015. It takes place in February and it will be fun to see what the participants will get out of the exercise. In addition, I am also pleased to take part and romp me in all the many other wonderful artists' contributions. It is pure paradise and I will look forward to get a lot of new inspiration and learning.


Some practical info

The classroom opens Feb 2, 2015

Twice-weekly lessons for 3 months, through April 30, 2015.

Closes Dec 31, 2015

The purchase price for SF 2015 is $65 USD about Dkr. 450,-




For more info You can go here:


And a little sneak peek form my lesson 

Soul Food 2015 -


and a video for inspiration:.

Girl with a Jump Rope from Britta Toftebjerg on Vimeo.



See You in Class... yes






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